Retaining control through transparency

Access to your cases 24/7 


Referring your debts to a supplier does not mean you have to lose control of the debt collection process.

Guildways CaseManager is an online case management portal providing complete transparency of the debt collection activity on all your cases.

CaseManager is so comprehensive that you can manage an entire case using only this system.

With detailed reporting and the ability to view key dates, documents and financials for all cases, including historical cases for the past two years, Guildways CaseManager offers you a complete solution to manage your  debt collection process.

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CaseManager Videos

Videos to help you use CaseManager and learn a bit more about how Guildways can help collect your debts quickly and transparently.

How to submit a case through Guildways CaseManager

Watch this video to learn how to submit your case via our online portal CaseManager.

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