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If you have received a contact from Guildways, it means that our client believes you owe them money. Our correspondence explains what to do next in order to avoid further action. Please read it carefully.

What should I do now to make sure I am not taken to court ?

Read the letter from Guildways very carefully. Think about whether you owe the debt and whether the amount is correct. The letter should provide information about how much money you owe and whether any interest and fees have been added to the debt.

Once you have read the letter, consider the following options:

1. Make a payment in full either through the Guildways payment portal here or by calling 0333 3409 000.

2. Put forward a payment proposal in writing by email to [email protected] if you are unable to pay the debt in full.

3. Seek debt advice if you are in financial difficulty or need advice to help you work out whether you owe the debt, or how you might pay the debt, contact a debt advisor.

The following organisations offer free, impartial, and non-judgmental advice:

Citizens Advice
03444 111 444 (England)
03444 772 020 (Wales)
Civil Legal Advice
0345 345 4345
StepChange Debt Charity
0800 138 1111 (Freephone)
National Debtline
0808 808 4000 (Freephone)
0300 777 0107
Christians Against Poverty
0800 328 0006 (Freephone)

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Have further questions that haven't been answered here?

Call 0333 3409 000 or email [email protected]