A tailored approach to different industries

Some of the key sectors we work in

Guildways collects debt on behalf of clients across all sectors, and has done so in over 100 countries around the world. However, there are certain industries that continue to crop up time and again because the nature of the businesses and organisations operating within them means that a lot of transactions are often conducted on credit. Our expertise in these specialist areas can help you receive the tailored approach it deserves.

Business to Business Debt (B2B)

In our experience, most businesses, when given fair warning, are not offended by receiving contact from us and on average 86% of cases will be resolved without the need for further legal action.

Business to Consumer Debt (B2C)

We send fully compliant Pre-Action Protocol letters to individuals and have extensive knowledge of the Consumer Credit Act. We protect personal data and are Cyber Essentials Plus accredited.

Utility Debt

We have collected debts for the biggest energy suppliers. Whether the customer is an individual, SME or large business, we will seek to maximise collections in line with OFGEM and OFWAT guidelines.

University & School Fees

We have extensive experience in collecting debts due to Universities and Schools from individuals in the UK and Overseas. As of the end of 2020, a total of £13 million had been collected for clients.

NHS & Healthcare

We help NHS Hospitals collect debts from overseas patients that have not paid for treatment they have received. We are experienced in utilising Home Office rules to increase the chances of payment.

Traffic & Parking Fines

We have collected traffic & parking fines for Public Authorities and Private Companies based in the UK and Overseas. We utilise Supreme Court rulings to pursue these debts robustly but fairly.

Finance, Insurance, and Trade Credit

We have collected debts for the largest finance, insurance and trade credit companies in the world. In addition, we can facilitate the delivery up of goods if required.

Overpayment of salary

Overpayment to former employees can be a simple payroll error such as miscalculating of wages, holiday pay or other benefits. We have helped recover payments for FTSE 100 companies through to SMEs.

Flight Compensation

We have extensive knowledge of EC261/2004. Our technologically innovative business and API capability has meant that we can receive and handle thousands of cases from Flight Compensation companies.

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