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Operating on a 10% No Collection-No Fee commission basis

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Guildways provides a simple solution to UK debt collection operating on a no collection-no fee commission basis. You simply fill out our short online sign-up form, we run a quick credit check, and from there can immediately begin chasing up debt on your behalf. No collection-no fee means that the service is completely risk-free, and our online case management software, Casemanager, allows you to track and manage cases directly in real-time.

If you are dealing with individuals or sole traders that owe you money, you need to comply with the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims. Guildways will send a fully-compliant Pre Action Protocol letter on your behalf. Click below for full details on the Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims process.

How Does it Work?

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Once you’ve signed-up and submitted the debt details to us, we will seek payment by contacting your customer. Our collection activity will typically take between 30 - 60 days.

No Collection-No Fees

This is a risk free service – if successful we charge a percentage commission based on your customer’s geographical location. If we are unsuccessful, you will pay nothing.

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Funds Transfer

When your payment has been recovered, we send the money directly into your company bank account. Your customers can also pay account-to-account directly via our secure online platform.

Lovetts Solicitors

If there are any unresolved debts, we can issue court proceedings via Lovetts Solicitors. Any legal action will be charged on a fixed fee basis.
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Do you need to trace a customer?

If you require Guildways to trace your customer, this will be carried out on a no trace, no fee basis for UK debts. The fee for a successful trace will be £45 + VAT. Tracing customers based overseas will vary depending on where they are located. We will provide a quote on a case by case basis.

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About us

With 25 years experience in UK & International debt collection, Guildways service is second to none.

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We use our experience to provide a tailored approach to different industries. You can see some of the key sectors we work in here.

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Our pricing structure is completely transparent, operating on a No Collection, No Fee basis, and you can read about it in full here.

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